Northumberland Covid restrictions - Share your views

Your views matter. At times like this, more than ever, MPs and councillors have a duty to engage with constituents on the issues that matter to them.

Next week in Parliament your four Northumberland MPs will be asked to vote on what the localised restrictions will look like going forward. Your council is assessing the need for local restrictions every day as part of the LA7. That's why as the discussion over Covid restrictions continues we want to hear from you.

  • Do you support the 10pm curfew on British pubs?
  • Do you believe the 'local restrictions' for our area is helping the situation?
  • Do you think the same restrictions should apply in Northumberland as in Newcastle, Sunderland and County Durham?
  • How have these restrictions affected you and your family?

Take part in this survey today to make your views known to your government and your council!

Covid Restrictions Survey

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Do you support the current 10pm curfew on UK pubs and other venues?
Do you believe Northumberland should be included in the 7 North East local authorities subject to additional 'local restrictions'?
On a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is not at all satisfied and 10 is very satisfied) how effective do you feel the 'additional restrictions' across Northumberland have been in reducing number of Covid cases where you live?
If the guidance for your area remains unchanged over the next month how effective do you think they will be in stopping the spread of the virus?