Backing for permanent memorial to suffragette Emily Davison

Plans for a permanent memorial in Northumberland to one of the country’s most famous campaigners for women’s rights have been approved.

Work will begin on a statue of suffragette Emily Davison in her home town of Morpeth after Conservatives on Northumberland County Council agreed to a funding package of £50,000.

Miss Davison who fought for the right for women to vote, died beneath the hooves of King George Vs horse, Anmer, during the Epsom Derby in 1913 and is buried in St Mary’s church yard in Morpeth – her family’s home.

This year marks the centenary of women’s right to vote and it is hoped the statue will be in place in Carlisle Park by July as a permanent reminder of Miss Davison’s campaigning.

Morpeth Town Council have agreed to contribute £5,000 to the project which will see a life-size steel sculpture created.

Morpeth Stobhill councilor David Bawn said he was delighted the county council cabinet had approved the plan for the statue.

“Emily Davison is one of the iconic figures from Morpeth’s history.

“The overwhelming response to the 2013 anniversary of her death and the ongoing Emily Inspires campaign show the central part she plays in our heritage.

“In the year marking 100 years from the first time women could vote in our country what could be more fitting to commemorate this milestone than this tribute to such a campaigner for gender equality.”