Carers week in Northumberland

Cllr Veronica Jones


Last week was National Carers’ Week and it is important that we pay tribute to those who provide vital support to relatives and friends who are ill or disabled.

As the Cabinet member for Adult Wellbeing and Health in Northumberland and therefore responsible for  the provision of  Adult Social Care for our most vulnerable residents, I am very aware of the part played by unpaid carers within their community and the importance of understanding their needs, experiences and the impact their  role can have on them. With around 37,000 people in Northumberland providing care for relatives, friends or neighbours, Carers Week was naturally the perfect time to recognise the fantastic work that they do in our region. 

Providing care and support for a family member or friend can be very rewarding but it can also take its toll on the carer’s own health and well being. This is why carers are encouraged to ask for a carer’s assessment from the council and something which Northumberland Conservatives fully supports. A carer's assessment is the council's way of working out what support a person may need in their role as an unpaid carer. The assessment is a chance to discuss how their caring responsibilities affect them and also their own health.

Northumberland provide a carer’s health and well being checklist which aims to help carers think about their own health, how their role affects their life and to consider things they can change. The purpose of the well being check is to help carers access support for their own health and to continue caring safely, without their own health suffering.

As a council, we are proud to support organisations such as Carers Northumberland and Escape Family Support which provide valuable advice and support for carers in our county. We will continue to be advocates for these fantastic organisations and recognising the amazing work that they do.

Carers Northumberland provides a range of free services and support designed to meet the needs of carers in Northumberland.. It works in partnership with other agencies to offer a one-stop information service to carers, support groups, short break opportunities. For further information, please contact Carers Northumberland 


or contact Northumberland’s social care Onecall number on: