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Cllr Richard Wearmouth: Regenerating our county

Whilst our council administration is running many regeneration projects across our county, a key one in terms of industrial development is the return to use of the land that once housed Blyth Power Station at Sleekburn.

Cllr Wayne Daley: We passionately believe in the investment for education

Multi-million pound investments for our schools

I am delighted to announce massive investment in a new school for Berwick and a multi million pound injection of cash into James Calvert Spence College in Amble - something Labour neglected but Conservatives have put into action. 

Cllr Peter Jackson: We're on track to deliver where others failed

As Leader of Northumberland County Council I have great ambition for the future of our Great County. Piece by piece over less than two years in control of the County Council we have been putting in the foundations for a prosperous future of our county.

New school building for Astley High School

The Building Schools for the Future Programme is Northumberland Conservatives' flagship education policy to ensure young people in our county can access the facilities they need to have the best start in life.