Cllr Glen Sanderson: Responsibility for our environmentWe're Improving our County for today, and protecting our planet for the future


Making our county work for everyone is about improving it for today and protecting it for future generations. That's what Northumberland Conservatives are doing.

Improving Northumberland is about making travelling around the country easier and safer. To achieve this we just embarked upon an £18 million programme of road works too fill in potholes and relay the worst roads in the county. 

In addition to widespread work across the County this year, residents will also benefit from an increase in the budget for small safety schemes of £330,000 which will help provide more traffic calming measures through villages. Also earmarked is a new budget for white line renewing, and significant spending on roadside drainage to prevent flooding which is often the cause of damage to roads. 

As well as improving the county's roads, we are also rising to the challenge of protecting our planet for future generations. This year we will embark upon a new waste strategy which will make recycling easier for all residents and set ambitious targets to increase the amount of our waste that can be recycled. As a county, we should be able to increase our recycling rates so 40% of our waste is recycled in the next two years and 50% of it over the next five years