Cllr Glen Sanderson: The road to success is paved with tarmac

The road to success is paved with tarmac. At least that’s the view of Councillor Glen Sanderson, whose Environmental Services department is responsible for making sure Northumberland Conservatives successfully deliver their pledge to spend over £100 million on the county’s roads over the four year term of their administration.

Fixing the county’s roads was always going to be an immense challenge. The previous administration left the county’s highways in an appalling state, and the former council leader infamously declared that Northumberland didn’t have a problem with potholes. But Northumberland residents know that isn’t true, and this administration is tackling the problem head on.

Since May last year the way road repairs are carried out has changed. Except for emergency repairs, the new method will make repairs stronger and longer lasting. Although more expensive, the new method is more economical which will save money in the long-term. We have purchased a new Paver machine, a significant investment which will have improve the quality of repairs.

Further help has come from the chancellor, Philip Hammond, who used his Autumn statement to announce an additional £8 million to help councils meet the challenge posed by 2018’s tough winter. This will be spent on a number of schemes which will make the roads safer and more comfortable for residents across Northumberland. The Hexham Courant provided an outline of how the money will be distributed in the Tynedale area which is available here.

Councillor Sanderson said:

"Even our sternest critics admit that our roads have improved in a very short time. We have over 3000 miles of roads to look after which are extremely important  for our residents, business and tourists."

Councillor Gordon Stewart, whose division of Prudhoe South has seen the benefit of the additional investment, commented on the positive feedback he has received from residents:

“After years of neglect, residents are starting to notice the difference a Conservative Council can make. Residents waited so long to see Moor Road resurfaced they thought it would never be done but now it has been thanks to our commitment to improve roads across the whole county.

"By keeping our commitment to residents and spending £100 million on the county's roads over our four year term we can make sure the whole county gets the investment it deserves."

To find out how your area will benefit click here.