Cllr Richard Wearmouth: Regenerating our county

Whilst our council administration is running many regeneration projects across our county, a key one in terms of industrial development is the return to use of the land that once housed Blyth Power Station at Sleekburn.

Last week work started to create a new dock and re-mediate the Sleekburn site which will result in a large area of land being made ready to house industries growing rapidly as part of the offshore energy boom. 

Money has been secured from the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) for the project and a lot of work is going on with potential site users keen to get onsite once it’s ready.

This week also saw consultation with residents on the Blyth relief road continuing with work ongoing to establish the preferred route and build the case to secure money from government for the scheme. All the while we are working on our exciting proposals to return passenger rail services to the “Northumberland line” also. The scheme it is firmly on track! 

In the coming week we will be identifying future works to regenerate Blyth Town Centre along with details of what we are doing in all our towns to make sure they able to thrive in the rapidly changing retail market.