Cllr Wayne Daley Education update

Improving Exam results show Northumberland is on the  up !

Just a few years ago under the previous Labour administration, Northumberland County Council almost failed an Ofsted inspection of Education and was bumping along at the bottom of almost all league tables.

Thanks to the reforms put in and our absolute commitment to education, almost 86% of primary and first schools are Good or Outstanding and recent exam results from secondary and high schools show that there is great improvement in some of the historically underperforming schools such as Berwick, Amble, Blyth, Ashington and Haydon Bridge.  

In the recent GCSE and A level results, Northumberland bucked the trend of the country and showed improving results including with BTEC and vocational courses.

“I am absolutely delighted that Northumberland is becoming a showcase of how a Conservative council can support, encourage and celebrate education improvement by putting it at the top of a political agenda. We are investing in school buildings across Northumberland. Haydon Bridge was due to close under Labours plans – it is now a massively improving school with a new £4.5 million Vocational Centre being built to cope with the increase in students wishing to follow a more focussed career based curriculum.  Are top perfoming schools – King Edward and Queen Elizabeth are now being joined by Cramlington Learning Village and Duchess High. As results improve I want to see every secondary school being Good or Outstanding making Northumberland the place to live, work and learn in.”



After years of neglect under Labour, Northumberland Conservatives are announcing a new build programme of childrens homes. Currently over £5 million a year is spent sending children out of the county to be educated due to behaviour or other factors. Under Conservative run Northumberland County Council we have announced 2 new homes to be built with new sites being identified for further homes.

Where Labour neglected – Conservatives are dealing and solving issues.



Schools up and down Northumberland submitted entries for the “Design a Jersey” competition for the Tour of Britain. Over £10,000 in prize money was given to schools for designing brilliant tops and the overall winner was Berwick Academy.

“I was delighted to present students from Berwick with their framed jersey and a cheque for £2000 towards education visits and learning. This is part of a big buzz in Berwick – new school, new leisure centre, new arts facilities, new hospital provision and a new found belief in the future of a town neglected under Lib Dem and Labour leadership. Conservatives believe in our communities and want them to thrive. Well done all Northumberland’s schools!”



Drop in events are taking place to see the plans for the two new schools to be built in Hexham – the new High School and the new Middle School.

The £42 million scheme also includes a substantial investment in renewable energy on site making the schools some of the most energy efficient in the country !

Drop in events are taking place on Wednesday 11th Sept and Saturday 14th Sept at the Winter Gardens , Hydro Building at Queen Elizabeth High School.


New school opens in Morpeth (not a McDonalds!)

Under Labour’s plans, they wanted a McDonalds to be built on the site of the new £6 million Morpeth First School.

Thanks to our Conservative Council we are providing education to children instead of burgers. The new school has capacity for nearly 400 pupils including early years and a dedicated community room for local residents.

“The school is amazing and is a real showcase for what real priorities should be about – putting education first for our young people. I am so proud as a Conservative council that we value our communities.”


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