Crisis has brought out Northumberland's community spirit

Hundreds of Northumberland residents have volunteered to help their neighbours during the Covi-19 crisis leading county councillor Cath Homer to praise the county's residents, stating that this crisis has brought out Northumberland's community spirit.

The volunteers registered in a matter of days after the council launched the Northumberland Communities Together initiative which aims to bring together volunteers and groups of volunteers who want to help ensure that nobody suffers more than they have to during the unprecedented circumstances the coronavirus presents.

Cath said: "Northumberland folk are well known for their resilience, strong sense of identity and their community spirit and the response in just over 24 hours has been both humbling and overwhelming.

"If you too can spare time the details for signing up are in the article below, or if you have already volunteered to help the NHS or indeed are already helping friends, family and neighbours, we offer you heart felt thanks."

Anyone wishing to assist with Northumberland Communities Together can sign up here.