Environmental responsibilities for future generations

As a County we are blessed with wonderful scenery and fabulous coasts and countryside.
And  we, as a County Council, take our responsibilities very seriously and want to see the County remain  environmentally class - leading.

That’s why we are going to improve the recycling rate to 50% over the next five years. Soon we will  introduce a household glass recycling pilot which we then want to roll out across many areas in the County so that it is accessible by all. 

We will repeat last years successful  anti littering campaign this autumn to try to get the message across that throwing litter on the street or from a car or van is irresponsible and unacceptable.

We spend £2.5 million clearing up litter across the County - what a waste. So we have been working hard on our Climate Change Plan which we will be launching in a few weeks which will continue the fantastic work we have started as a Council already. 

We have done a lot already - from reducing unnecessary Council vehicle journeys, encouraging walk to school initiatives, and introducing renewable energy schemes including photovoltaic capacity. We have some exciting new ideas to reduce our carbon emissions even more both within the Council and throughout the County. 

As a Conservative Council we will do all we can to protect  our environment here so future generations will be able to enjoy our outstanding  County as much as we do.