Northumberland Conservatives Will Deliver Fresh Start & Better Future on Development

The content of the report from Northumberland County Council concerning historic inappropriate spending and accounting at development company Arch has left many shocked and disappointed.

People rightly expect and deserve better from those in public office and Northumberland Conservatives are now putting in place plans to make sure this can never happen again, fulfilling our manifesto pledge of a fresh start and better future for development activities in the county.

Council leader Peter Jackson said:

‘The issues highlighted in the report are shocking. None of us realised the extent of what was going on and I suspect these initial findings are just the tip of the iceberg.  In opposition we could do nothing to change the situation, but now we are in office we can shape a better, more transparent, and accountable future.

 ‘We made a promise to the people of Northumberland that if we were elected we would scrap Arch Development Company and replace it with a new company – one that is fit for purpose and can deliver cost effective and innovative projects right across the county. That is exactly what we are doing.

‘We are on our way to forming a brand-new regeneration company in the next month or two – a company which will work for the whole county and which will stop the property speculation and bad practices of the Labour years. 

‘Northumberland Conservatives are working hard to serve the residents and communities who look to us to improve livelihoods and opportunities.  We will not let them down.’