We have stopped overdevelopment in Northumberland

We have now ended insensitive and excessive development which had become commonplace under the previous administration.

In our 2017 manifesto we pledged to withdraw Labour’s plan for 26,000 additional houses in Northumberland. Within months of forming a council administration, that is just what we did and now we are working on a new plan which focuses on jobs instead of development and will make Northumberland a better place for you and your family to work and live.

Housing supply has received a lot of attention nationally as many areas of the country are failing to build the houses the country needs. The Conservative government has committed to make it easier for developers to build the houses needed to give families the homes they need to live and prosper. Every local authority has a target to meet to ensure that all parts of the UK share the load when it comes to housebuilding. However, a recent study shows that housing supply in Northumberland already exceeds the housing need in the county.

When we ended Labour’s plan for 26,000 additional houses, we argued that the plan was based on out of date data. Residents all over Northumberland tell us that overdevelopment is one of the biggest issues in their area, and we are continuing to address the problem through our new local plan.

We have delivered on our pledge to halt the march of the developers. By withdrawing Labour's plan for 26,000 additional houses in Northumberland it can no longer be used as a reason to grant planning permission for the type of large-scale developments that have overtaken many of our communities. In Northumberland Conservatives' first year in charge at County Hall, only 2588 houses were given planning permission, compared with 10,473 houses that were granted in Labour's final year in charge.

Last month Labour reaffirmed their commitment to 26,000 additional houses. Northumberland Conservatives remain committed to prioritising jobs over houses and our new local plan will make sure this county remains a great place for you and your family to live and work.