We’re continuing to deliver in the face of adversity

Everyone in Northumberland has been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of our council staff we have been able to maintain essential services.

Recycling and non-recycling bins have been emptied throughout the county and unlike other areas we have kept our garden waste service running. Litter bins have been emptied, grass is being cut and plants continue to be planted which is brightening the lives of residents across Northumberland as they exercise.

Last week we were one of the first councils to open our household waste recovery centres and despite high demand we have been able to operate a first class service.

Our county is home to 4 beautiful country parks and following the Prime Minister’s advice this week they are all now open and providing light relief to visitors at this difficult time.

We are carrying out risk assessments for all the county’s car parks to ensure that if we reopen them they’re safe for everyone.

Despite the immense challenges we’re facing our council is delivering on its pledge to spend over £100 million on the county’s roads over its four year term. This year we’re spending an extraordinary £28 million so that Northumberland’s road to recovery is smooth for residents and businesses alike.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our council staff who have ensured that basic services have been able to continue in the face of adversity.