David Bawn

David is the County Councillor for Morpeth North. A previous chairman of the MWCA David oversaw a dramatic change in the party which became ever more locally focused and engaged under his stewardship. For many years David has worked hard for the people in Morpeth North and now as their councillor is receiving great feedback for the engaging way he goes about his role.  In his day job David is a solicitor working for a local family firm and deals with various legal issues on behalf of his clients. David is from Morpeth and lives just outside the town with his wife Nicola, his twin girls and his dog. 

If you are a resident of the Morpeth North Ward please feel free to contact David with any questions or queries you may have. His email address is as follows:  david4morpeth.north@hotmail.co.uk


Morpeth Flood Defences Put to the Test

The new Morpeth flood defences have been put to the test twice in the last week following heavy rains.  The Environment Agency twice closed the flood gate protecting High Stanners with river levels rising above 26m at their peak. The dam protecting Morpeth was also put in to use with fire crews out at High Stanners and Middle Greens to pump standing water from roads into the river.

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