Jack Gebhard

Candidate for Wansbeck

Jack is the Conservatives parliamentary candidate for the Wansbeck Constituency which includes the major settlements of Morpeth, Ashington, Bedlington and Newbiggin. Born in Ashington and raised in Morpeth Jack is a local town councillor and former Mayor.  He is a former reservist in our armed forces and has raised thousands of pounds for local good causes. He has worked across much of the UK with jobs ranging from being a waiter to an area manager for one of our country's major super market chains.  In this 2019 General Election he is campaigning to give the Wansbeck Constituency a fresh start. Key goals include the return of passenger rail services to Ashington and Bedlington in just 3 years, the development of enterprise zones to bring thousands more jobs to our area, and investment in our local services which could become hard pressed after the last Labour council let house building get out of control.   


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Guy Opperman

Candidate for Hexham

Guy Opperman has served as MP for Hexham since 2010 and is again candidate for the 2019 General Election for the Conservative Party. Before entering Parliament, Guy was a criminal barrister and amateur jockey. Guy is passionate about the living wage, apprenticeships, and the North East.Guy has his own website and blogs daily. 

Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Candidate for Berwick upon Tweed

Anne-Marie Trevelyan has served as the Member of Parliament for Berwick-upon-Tweed since 2015 and is the parliamentary candidate for the Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency for the 2019 General Election. Before entering Parliament, Anne-Marie was a forensic accountant and passionate campaigner for Northumberland, leading the campaign for the dualling of the A1 and to bring broadband to rural Northumberland. Despite being a newcomer to the House of Commons, Anne-Marie was elected to the Public Accounts Select Committee in June 2015.Anne-Marie has her own website.

Ian Levy

Candidate for Blyth

Ian Levy is the Conservative Candidate for Blyth Valley in the General Election on 12th December 2019. He is an NHS worker working in mental health and lifelong resident of Blyth who can trace his ancestry back 500 years in the town.