Wendy Pattison

Wendy, is a resident of Rock Village and worked in Local Government at both Berwick Borough Council and Northumberland County Council for over 20 years. A mother of four and ‘Nana’ to ten grandchildren, she is  a  firm believer in family values and of  ‘community’ and believes that by strengthening and fostering a sense of community and providing people with ways to come together as friends, neighbors and citizens creates a firmer foundation and enables a neighborhood to solve problems and seize opportunities.        

Wendy wants to seek ways to improve delivery for everyone and get more out of existing assets. As well as looking at infrastructure issues she wants to initiate better partnership working with all Parish Councils in the Longhoughton Ward, Northumbria Police, the Fire Service, Transport Providers and Voluntary and Community Groups.

Wendy said

“it will be both a pleasure to represent the interests of every Ellingham Parish resident and I  will do whatever is within my power to enhance local services and improve the infrastructure of the area.”

In order to become an effective and proactive County Councillor, Wendy would like to encourage all residents to take time to share their ideas, concerns and aspirations, and what really matters and is important to them and she looks forward very much to the many challenges which lie ahead during the next 4 years.

Contact details are; wendy.pattison@northumberland.gov.uk Tel. 07779983072

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