Wendy Pattison

Wendy, is a resident of Rock Village and worked in Local Government at both Berwick Borough Council and Northumberland County Council for over 20 years.

Jeff Watson

Jeff is the County Councillor for Amble West with Warkworth. He is also Deputy Civic Head of the council.

David Bawn

David is the County Councillor for Morpeth North.

John Beynon

John Beynon is the County Councillor for Stobhill.

Glen Sanderson

Glen Sanderson is the County Councillor for Longhorsley, which includes the villages of Hepscott and Mitford in the constituency.

Glen is also portfolio holder for Environment and Local Services.

Aidan Ruff

Aidan is the Chairman of Northumberland Conservatives

Richard Wearmouth

Richard Wearmouth is the Conservative County Councillor for Morpeth Kirkhill. Richard has worked hard to help make sure that the MWCA rolls up its sleeves and engages with the issues affecting our area.